Our Classes - Rebel Ride
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Get ready to feel the beat and ride to an incredible playlist in our immersive cycle studio environment. You’ll ride to the rhythm and feel like you’re at a dance party, all while torching calories and achieving maximum results. This class is a total body workout and incorporates a brief hand weight section to sculpt your arms, shoulders, chest and back. You’ll keep the console on your bike turned OFF for this ride, but still receive your “stats” in an email after class.


During this 50-minute ride, you’ll be guided through hills, flats and intervals with a focus on power metrics. This class provides the same immersive experience as our Rhythm Rides, without the use of hand weights or choreography. After class, you’ll receive your results via email. You can elect to watch your progress on screen during the class, or opt out if you prefer. Over time, you’ll watch your strength and endurance grow and can track your progress along the way!


This class combines the best of our PURE RHYTHM and PURE POWER rides to seamlessly blend rhythmic riding with power drills to help elevate a new level of fitness. On screen metrics are used during the POWER portion, but not during RHYTHM riding when it’s all about feeling the beat.


Our intimate Studio B is the perfect setting for transformative classes such as In-Trinity, TRX Circuit and other unique formats. These small classes combine the energy and motivation of group exercise with the personal attention of one-on-one training.


Circuit Training: A high-intensity bootcamp style class. Cover every major muscle group while moving through a variety of stations using dumbbells, resistance bands and more. Barefoot Bootcamp: A full-body, low-impact workout done barefoot to improve balance and muscle alignment. Yoga Pump: High-intensity intervals and low-impact yoga incorporating light weights and a catchy tempo. Functional Training: TRX straps, kettlebells and dumbbells are used to create a mix of strength and cardio in a high-intensity format. Cardio Sculpt: This total body workout combines cardio and agility drills with moderate intensity strength exercises to sculpt long lean muscles and torch fat. This class will set your heart thumping and your blood pumping to the rhythm of the music. Appropriate for all fitness levels.


The revolutionary new Johnny G In-Trinity® Board redefines the training environment. This euphoric workout features a unique blend of strengthening, stretching and balancing exercises performed on a patented inclined board. Designed for all levels of fitness, In-Trinity® combines yoga, Pilates and martial arts with a backdrop of calming music to inspire and promote physical and mental wellbeing.