Missy Fogarty | Cycling Instructor | Rebel Ride | East Amherst, NY
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From the time she could walk, Missy has always been active! She says cycling is the most effective, challenging and enjoyable workout she has ever experienced and she shows that energy and passion to her riders. “The music, the smiles, the sweat…it’s all beautiful. Riders tell me their struggles and why they ride, and it pushes me to give them my best.”

Missy has a BA in early childhood education from SUNY Fredonia. As a Spanish minor, she traveled to Costa Rica where she fell in love with the famous phrase and way of life, Pura Vida or “pure life.” It wasn’t long before she combined her passions and opened her own cycling studio, Pura Vida Cycling in Clarence, which she operated successfully for a year before joining forces with Rebel Ride.

Missy has also earned her Stages Cycling Certification. “I want to motivate and inspire everyone to find their Pura Vida,” she says.

Missy’s classes are also jam sessions to everything with a good beat, from EDM and Hip Hop to Country!