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Megan’s passion for fitness originally came from her love for running. Though it took an injury for her to find indoor cycling, it instantly became one of Megan’s favorite workouts. Megan lives a fast paced life and is always full of energy, and you can expect the same out of her class. However, with her background as a marathoner and a track coach, she will be able to help you through the hardest moments of class, because she believes that with determination and hard work, everyone is capable of making it to the finish line.

Megan grew up listening to classic rock and though her taste in music has evolved slightly, she has continued to appreciate a great song when she hears it. She uses music to help her get through the toughest of workouts. Whether it be a heavy lifting session or a long training run, as long as it has a good beat, it’s on her playlist.

Megan is certified in Mad Dogg Spinning and Stages Flight.