Leigh - Rebel Ride
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Barefoot Bootcamp | Circuit | Total Body Fusion

Leigh is a certified Group Fitness instructor and teaches a variety of classes in Studio B. She says, “I love the energy that people bring when they come to my class. I enjoy helping people grow their strength and the exchange of positivity that happens in a group fitness class.”

When not teaching at Rebel Ride, Leigh is a busy wife and mom of three children. Always super active and organized, Leigh combines those qualities for her small side business called “Keep Things Simple,” where she helps others minimize the clutter in their homes. In addition, this beautiful blonde also finds time to do modeling jobs around the region.

Prior to starting her career in fitness, Leigh taught Kindergarten for 6 years and has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and a Montessori Education certification.

Leigh says there’s no doubt that fitness has changed her life, “I love the change that people see in their bodies and the confidence they feel as they increase their strength both inside and out.”