Jamie | Instructor at Rebel Ride | East Amherst, NY
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In-Trinity | Barefoot Bootcamp

Jamie believes in a balanced approach when it comes to fitness goals. Whether riding in the Cycle Studio, training in Studio B or catching a little Zen while teaching In-Trinity, this girl dabbles in a little bit of everything. 

“I think it’s important to challenge yourself by exploring all different forms of exercise and movement,” says Jamie. “Be stable, be strong, be mobile, be mindful. Your body will tell you what it needs if you just pause and listen to it. Let CHANGE happen and create a balanced body that can carry you through whatever life throws at you.” 

Jamie’s In-Trinity classes are a blend of muscle activation drills, mobility, Yoga, Pilates and of course, mindful movement.  She teaches her students to work hard, but at the same time respect the boundaries of their bodies.  

“The best part about In-Trinity is the meditative quality that it provides through mindful movement practices. I can feel the calmness in the room as my students focus on themselves instead of all the obstacles that they may have encountered throughout the day. That’s when I know that they will leave the class feeling both physically and mentally stronger.”