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Erika is the founder and owner of Rebel Ride and loves being able to bring her passion for fitness to the Buffalo-area community where she grew up. “I especially love that I can go to work in leggings and sneakers every day!”

After a 20 year career in local broadcasting and getting dressed up to be on the news, Erika has gone back to her roots as a dancer, which is where she learned to appreciate movement and music. “I can no longer wear point shoes and hold an arabesque, but I still love to dance and challenge myself. That’s why the Rhythm Ride was so appealing to me…riding to the beat with movement on the bike is just plain fun and will never get old in my book!”

It was inevitable that Erika would also begin teaching a Rhythm Ride, so you’ll find her on the schedule featuring playlists that her kids would definitely approve! “I love current Hip Hop and R & B, but also love a good throwback to the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, and also some good old Rock & Roll!”

Erika also loves a good Power Ride, which is why she features both formats on the schedule.  She says, “The addition of Stages Flight to provide metrics will be a game changer for our classes.”

Erika and her life partner Tom can be seen greeting guests around the studio, where they have developed a new family of friends in this new phase of life.  They each have 2 grown children in their 20’s that are off and running with their own careers.

Erika is certified in Stages Cycling and Stages Flight, Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning, TRX and In-Trinity.