Christine Herlan | Cycling Instructor | Rebel Ride | East Amherst, NY
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Power Ride | In-Trinity®

This energetic mom of two is the perfect mix of butt kicker and motivator. Plus, she has 15 years of experience teaching indoor cycling, yoga, pilates and TRX under her belt.

A big fan of keeping her music fresh and never tapping the same playlist twice, Christine’s counting down the days until she debuts her Triple B — Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Britney — themed ride to Team Rebel Ride.

Preaching her favorite mantra of ‘finding comfort in the uncomfortable’, Christine holds certifications in cycling, TRX, personal training, yoga and In-Trinity®.

When she isn’t on the bike, she’s cooking up a storm on her 62-acre farm. You guessed it — farm to table is her specialty.