Andrea Wanat | Cycling Instructor | Rebel Ride | East Amherst, NY
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Andrea (AJ)
Pure Rhythm | Remix Ride | In-Trinity® | Circuit

As a wife, mother of three boys and a full time professional, Andrea’s life is all about balance. Preaching the importance of taking care of yourself first before taking care of others, Andrea credits staying fit and moving her body as the secret to maintaining balance between work, family and fun. Her mission is to help others find and attain a similar balance and zest for life. Her preference for a heavy beat radiates throughout her playlists – from 80’s, 90’s and current hits, to EDM, rock and rap.

Andrea has a heart for the community both on and off the bike. With 25 years of experience in the behavioral health field and a master’s degree in community psychology, she currently serves as Vice President of Operations for Value Network, IPA. She previously served as the Director of Behavioral Health for Millennium Collaborative Care, Executive Director of the Erie County Council for Prevention of Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Director of Education at The Addictions Care Center in Albany, among others.

Andrea holds certifications in Group Fitness, In-Trinity® and Stages Cycling/Stages Flight.

Andrea (AJ)